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Kristina Copeland public speaker, educator, restorative justice program developerRestorative Program Consultant, Graffiti Specialist

Kristina is a graffiti specialist and restorative program consultant. She has been involved in ‘graffiti programs’ since 2004 and served as the City of Vancouver’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program Coordinator before she left the City to make Calgary, Alberta her home in 2012.

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Graffiti Specialist

Kristina’s experience in graffiti management is varied and includes developing programs for young offenders and at-risk youth, coordinating restorative art projects, community murals and the development of the City of Vancouver’s newly launched Integrated Graffiti Management Program. As a Program Coordinator within the Great Beginnings Program Kristina expanded existing graffiti abatement initiatives within Vancouver’s Downtown East Side which produced dozens of community murals, comprehensive graffiti surveys,  restorative art projects and played a supporting role in the development of a new social enterprise.

The Big Picture

“Graffiti isn’t a local phenomenon. It’s global. It’s also predictable and it can be managed. If we share information, best practices and resources we can reduce graffiti vandalism and make a lasting impact on a global scale. I believe sustainable solutions will come through education, partnership and true collaboration.” Kristina 

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Contractor / Consultant ~ Restorative Program Development and Education

Kristina is currently seeking opportunities to work with civic and community groups to develop innovative restorative programs that will prevent graffiti vandalism, beautify the city and improve the futures of at-risk young people. She is a passionate and engaging professional speaker who enjoys sharing her experiences and educating others. Topics include; types of graffiti, motivations and practices of the Hip Hop graffiti sub-culture, underlying causes of youth involvement and aspects of restorative graffiti programs that provide sensible alternatives for youths and their communities.

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Kristina believes that managing graffiti through a multi-faceted approach includes restorative justice, community asset building and collaboration among stakeholders. The elements of a comprehensive graffiti management plan are; Eradication, Education/Prevention, Enforcement and INTERVENTION. Kristina draws on her experience incorporating these key elements when developing restorative programs and when preparing educational material for presentations/lectures.

What Are People Saying?

“As creative as Kristina is, she seems to love connecting and collaborating even more.” Gillian Roberts – Author ~ The Thought that Changed my Life Forever

“As Director of Streets at the City of Vancouver, my team and I worked closely with the Kristina Copeland and the Graffiti Management Program. Kristina has a passion and energy that makes working with her incredibly effective and fun. She is a master at collaboration, particularly with diverse working groups over which she has no authority (for example she consistently brought together engineers, police, operations superintendents, social planners, artists, and youth). Kristina is able to bring these diverse groups together to share a common vision and to create a unified team to create programs and projects that make everyone proud. 

The most important aspect about Kristina is her insane optimism and drive to make a difference. With Kristina, nothing is impossible.Neal Carley – Director of Streets at the City of Vancouver

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Public Speaker / Guest Lecturer

Kristina will tailor educational presentations to meet the needs of your organization and audience. Community service providers, school staff, youths, parents, business owners and organizations will benefit from greater understanding of the graffiti sub-culture and will be more effective in their efforts. The educational content is applicable, informative and interesting. Kristina’s style is direct, casual and sincere.

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