Consulting & Project Development

What is Graffiti Management?

Prior to working at the City of Vancouver Graffiti Management Program Kristina developed the Spread the Paint Program (STP) at the Kitsilano Community Centre. This was a community partnership with the City wide STP  a initiative that provides meaningful opportunities for young offenders to complete their community service by ridding Kitsilano of graffiti. In 2005 she became involved in the restorative art program RestART and developed the Black Book Sessions; both highly successful mentorship programs that draw vandals away from illegal activities by teaming them up with highly skilled mentor artists. These sessions existed in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department’s Anti-Graffiti Unit (AGU), City of Vancouver and Park Board Arts and Culture. RestART continues to offer
programs today.

oordinated include; Spread the Paint (graffiti paint-outs with young offenders/volunteers), Great Beginnings Mural Program and Utility Box Beautification (Hydro partnership) and Celebrate Vancouver 125 Mural Program. In addition Kristina has coordinated Restorative Justice Art Projects RestART and Black Book Sessions.

Kristina believes that education is the missing link when addressing the subject of graffiti to prevent graffiti vandalism on a physical or a social level. It is especially important to understand the nuances of the graffiti sub-culture when engaging individuals for the purpose of redirecting their creative energy, offering them a means to express themselves positively, curbing risk-taking behaviour or rehabilitating prolific offenders. Kristina offers educational presentations and provides opportunities to become better informed through experiential education as a volunteer in projects like RestART, Black Book Sessions and other restorative projects. She aims to share her expertise in working with the graffiti sub-culture, success with restorative art programs, and passion for graffiti management initiatives that build and empower community.

Specialties and Associations

T.A.G.S. (The Anti-Graffiti Symposium)

RestART; The Restorative (Justice) Art Project

Developed and Coordinated Black Book Sessions (pro-social graffiti art)

Graffiti specialist

Mural Coordinator

Advanced Toastmaster / Public Speaker

Film/Television actor (past life!)


Kristina is now a world-wide freelance anti-graffiti consultant and restorative program developer. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her fiance.

Kristina Copeland on IMDB

Graffiti Education – Public Speaker/Guest Lecturer
Restorative Programs – Consultant/Contractor/ Managing Director
Pro-social Art Projects – Murals, Youth Graffiti Art (RestART & Black Book Sessions)

Kristina Copeland has years of experience developing and coordinating programs that include citywide graffiti management, paint-outs with young offenders, Restorative Justice, art and education.