Public Speaker/Guest Lecturer

Educational Presentations and Lectures

“Kristina has demonstrated an exceptional ability to inspire the students. She is able to capture their attention and to engage them in a dynamic and insightful discussion that encourages critical thinking while increasing their knowledge on the subject matter.

Kristina is very knowledgeable on the subject matter of graffiti, youth engagement and restorative justice models. She is also reliable, energetic, dependable and trustworthy.”
Colleen Kerr, M.A. (Honours in Criminal Justice) Sessional Instructor at University of the Fraser Valley – BC, Canada

Hire Kristina

As an International freelance graffiti consultant, educator and restorative program developer Kristina brings years of experience with various aspects of graffiti management to organizations and cities that want to address the various aspects of ‘graffiti’. She provides education and inspiration to communities, organizations and individuals through informative, passionate educational presentations. (Contact)

Educational material can be adapted to suit; school staff, parents, youth, service providers, business groups and stakeholders with different areas of focus such as; Prevention, Eradication, Enforcement or Education. (Contact)

Testimonials ~ University of Fraser Valley 2nd year Criminology students:

What I appreciated most…. “How she managed to hook our attention and create a good learning and discussion atmosphere”.

“Presentation was very well done. (She) spoke with the class instead of just lecturing. I learned a lot”. 

Resume of Public Speaking Engagements

2009 – Present / Toastmaster, ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze)

January 2013 / Zero Graffiti International Conference, San Francisco CA, (Speaker)
Restorative Graffiti Programs – Restorative Justice 

November 2012 / University of the Fraser Valley, Abbottsford BC (Guest Lecturer)
Alternative Measures – Restorative Justice vs. Criminal Justice (2nd year Criminology)

November 2012 / BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA)
Annual Training 
Burnaby, BC (Presenter/Facilitator)
‘Odd Squad Productions RestART Documentary’ – Premier showing and Panel Presentation 

July 2012 / Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Vancouver, BC (Speaker) 
‘Graffiti 101’ – Types of graffiti and motivations behind each style

 ‘Spread the Paint’ – Introduction for Program Supervisors participating in the STP Pilot Program

 November 2011 / University of the Fraser Valley, Abbottsford, BC, (Guest Lecturer) 
‘Restorative Alternative Programs – Restorative Justice vs. Criminal Justice’ (2nd year Criminology)

 October 2011/ Citizens on Patrol, Nanaimo, BC (Speaker)
‘Graffiti – It’s Your Problem’ – Community driven graffiti management through prevention, education and volunteerism 

April 2011 / BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA) Northern, Prince George, BC 
‘Graffiti Programs That Work’ – Spread the Paint, RestART and Black Book Sessions; an introduction to restorative community programs 

October 2011 / The Anti-Graffiti Symposium (T.A.G.S.) Edmonton, AB (Facilitator)   
Graffiti Writers Panel Presentation – Facilitated presentation by 3 graffiti writers/artists 

 October 2010 / Alberta Recreation & Parks Association (A.R.P.A.) Jasper, AB (Speaker)              
Graffiti Prevention Through Art’ – RestART and Black Book Sessions 

October 2010 / The Anti-Graffiti Symposium (T.A.G.S.), Calgary, AB (Speaker)
Programs that Work!’ – Successful programs built on Restorative Justice principles, mentorship and community building 

September 2010 / Kitsilano Community Centre, Vancouver, BC (Speaker/Lecturer) 
‘Graffiti 101’ – Types of graffiti and motivations behind each style  ‘Spread the Paint’ – Introduction to Spread the Paint for Program Supervisors participating in the STP Pilot Program and hands-on training with removal supplies and equipment

 October 2008 / The Anti-Graffiti Symposium (T.A.G.S.), North Vancouver, BC (Speaker)
‘Spread the Paint’ – City of Vancouver and Kitsilano Community Centre graffiti removal program that provides meaningful community service to young offenders and volunteers while eradicating graffiti