Kristina Copeland, RestART, mural painting, graffiti art, education, restorative justice, youth at-riskThe Restorative Justice Art Project

RestART is rooted in restorative justice values and encourages safe and legal creative alternatives for youth who are participating in illegal graffiti. Youth work in partnership with each other, community members, police, Restorative Justice facilitators and legal graffiti artists to build positive relationships and move away from the risks associated with further criminal activity. A community mural is produced at the end of the workshop and serves as a means for the group to repair harm in the community that is caused by graffiti. (Images)

“RestART” is a compound of “restorative” and “art”.

RestART is an initiative created in 2003 by Restorative Justice practitioners with members of the Vancouver Police Department. A researcher on exchange at Simon Fraser University assisted with the development and implementation of this program, and he subsequently evaluated the program. RestART is operating out of the Grandview Woodlands Community Policing Centre in Vancouver, BC.

YOU Can Get RestARTed!

RestART is a program model that may be adapted to your community. For more information please contact Kristina.

Restorative Justice and Art

RestART is a pro-active program where individuals involved in illegal graffiti are guided towards other legal avenues. The original RestART workshop model is a four-day program that uses a Restorative Justice circle model. During the four days, the following topics are explored: Victimization, Addiction, Self-esteem building, Team work, Mural planning, Legal graffiti opportunities, Mural productionKristina Copeland, RestART mural painting, graffiti art, Vancouver, youth, restorative justice

The Vancouver RestART brings together a group of graffiti participants, services providers (youth forensic counselor, addiction counselor, youth workers, police officers), legal graffiti mentors, victims (Translink and Downtown Business Improvement Association), the City of Vancouver’s Mural Program and community volunteers. Simon Fraser University graduate students who are also professionally trained restorative justice facilitators guide this group through a team building process. Over four days, the group works through these topics and toward the production of a mural.

Photo Gallery ~ The Last 10 Years of  the Vancouver RestART Project (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

RestART 2008

RestART 2006

RestART 2005

RestART 2005